It is no secret that biotechnology is an area of study that promises quality life and a healthy planet. However, not all of us are exposed to the boons that this discipline brings to us. From bioplastics that are recovering the health of the planet to biosensors that are providing real-time metrics of our health, biotech has evolved in leaps and bounds. And one can only expect that over the years, we shall only witness more developments in this area. However, for the ones who are still not too aware of what biotechnology has to bring to the table, read through this article to know more.

Chemicals and Energy

Biotechnology Has Provided Us with Sustainable Chemicals and Energy:

Sustainability is the key to living a thoughtful and meaningful life. This is how we can save our beautiful planet and leave it as is for our children. And biotechnology has been contributing significantly to this direction. It has come up with sustainable chemicals and renewable sources of energy that can help preserve the rich reservoirs of the planet and also keep it safe for future generations. Harsh chemicals used for agriculture and various other purposes, erode the topsoil and deplete the resources we have. Also, the energy that we consume every day is not infinite. One must be careful about the consumption or opt for alternative sources of energy. Thankfully, biotechnology has been working ceaselessly to come up with sustainable forms of chemicals and energy, and restoring our planet’s resources to abundance.

Biotechnology Has Made Zero-Waste Bio-Processing a Reality:

A zero-waste environment is the need of the hour, and environmental activists have been working incessantly to achieve this goal. However, reaching this goal is now very much a possibility with the miracles of biotechnology. Biorefineries help in processing the waste into something useful and usable. This way, all that we consume and discard can be transformed into something significant and used over a long period. This is what has turned the dream of living in a zero-waste environment into a reality. Industrial waste that would otherwise go into the water bodies and kill aquatic lives can now be transformed into usable energy. Biotechnology has reduced the production of waste because most of it now is used in another shape or form.

Carbon Dioxide

Finally, Carbon Dioxide is Now Being Used as a Raw Material:

The third and the final contribution of biotechnology in improving our quality of lives is that of reduced levels of pollution due to carbon dioxide. Biotechnology has made it possible to use carbon dioxide as a raw material to make several other fascinating products. And this, in turn, has reduced the emission of the toxic gas into the atmosphere. And with a reduced level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, controlling the issue of global warming now seems like a possibility.

Thus, these were our top three reasons to be thankful for the discipline of biotechnology. There are, of course, several other reasons why one must be grateful for this domain. However, these are the ones that we must consider and analyze before anything else.