The domain of biotechnology has been improving our lives for a very long time now. The area has evolved in leaps and bounds over the years, and continues to show massive growth and development. More often than not, we might not even realize the areas where we use biotechnology in our daily lives. However, the truth is that we are surrounded by this vast field with colossal importance. From the foods we consume every day to the shower gel we use, everything around us is a boon of biotechnology. The low-carbon emitting fuel we use on our cars and the medicines we consume to recover and recuperate, biotechnology has penetrated every layer of our lives in ways unimaginable. Let us now move on to look into some of the places where we make use of this science in our lives from the time we wake up.

Consuming Healthier Food Items

Consuming Healthier Food Items:

As we mentioned at the beginning, the food items that we consume every day are made safer and healthier by biotechnology. The quality of fruits, vegetables and various other products we consume, is tweaked keeping our health in mind. More often than not, the fruits and vegetables in their rawest forms might not be safe for our consumption. The role of biotechnology is to then, upgrade the quality and make them fit for our intake.

Medicines, Healthcare and Vaccines:

Biotechnology has changed the way we perceive our healthcare facilities. Biosensors, 3-D bioprinting and a plethora of vaccines- these are some of the most important contributions of biotechnology. Without the domain of biotechnology, the mortality rates would be too high, and most of the fatal diseases might not see any developments in their treatments. Biotechnology has made it possible for human beings to live a longer and healthier life.


Biotech Improves the Quality of Soil and Water:

The third usage of biotechnology in our lives is that it improves the quality of soil and water. You might think that this is not something we use every day in our lives. However, the food we eat, the crops we grow and the water we drink are all very much integral to our lives. And that is why biotech is important in our lives in the aspect of maintaining the quality of soil and water. Biotech has also gifted us with sustainable chemicals that preserve the topsoil and prevents the depletion of our planet’s resources.

Wrapping Up:

One cannot deny that biotechnology has penetrated every sector of our lives. It is now integral to healthy living and for the preservation of our beautiful planet. The uses of biotechnology are innumerable, since the time we wake up till the time we go to bed. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge what this domain has to bring to us and be grateful for the same.