Biotechnology has been in the public domain since the inception of science, however, just in different shapes and forms. The role of biotechnology in our daily lives is crucial for us to understand and take stock of once a while, especially for the ones interested in this domain. Also, students and scholars who are interested in this domain need to be updated about this discipline and learn all that keeps transpiring in this space. And keeping in mind the interest of the students, we have an article with a curated list of lucrative career choices in this domain. It must be noted that biotech offers several options when it comes to careers. The jobs are exciting, challenging and pays quite well. And if you are a budding scientist yourself, you have come to the right place. Let this article guide you through the choices you have in the field of biotechnology.


The very first career option that comes to our mind when we speak of science is that of research. The world needs promising and passionate researchers who can dedicate their lives towards enhancing the quality of life. Biotechnology is one such branch of science that will always need talented researchers to further the field. Plus, it also pays well. Your expenses are taken care of, and you receive enough incentive to keep the passion for research alive.

Role of Lab Technician

Opt for the Role of Lab Technician or Assistant:

The second lucrative job option that biotech provides you with is that of a lab technician or assistant. You shall be of great help to those who come into the labs to get diagnosed and tested. There are things that you can learn and get exposed to while also being paid handsomely. Doctors and medical health professionals depend on the assistance of lab technicians and assistants to go about their jobs.

Work at a Biopharma Company:

Biotechnology does not restrict you to labs and research. You can always find high-paying jobs in the private sector as well. There are jobs that require writers with vast knowledge about biotechnology and medicine. You can also apply for the sales job at a biopharma company. A background in biotechnology can help you persuade your clients in the right manner and make more sales of the products.

Research and Patenting

And Finally, Go for Intellectual Property Research and Patenting:

The final option that we have for you is that of foraying into the sector of intellectual property research and patenting. Researchers and companies that come up with unique products and services often require them to be patented. And you could be an aid to these people by rightfully patenting their products. The efforts and dedication of these talented people must be protected, and that is where your role in the patent sector comes in.

Biotechnology is still a budding field and a highly popular area when it comes to pursuing a career. The jobs are interesting and fulfilling. And if you have ever entertained the thought of venturing into this field, consider these aforementioned options and make an educated decision.