Instructions for Chairs ad Co-chairs

  1. Read the papers on beforehand if possible. The abstracts of all papers can be found on the Abstract book of in the memory stick included in the conference material. Access to the Proceedings (containing full papers) will also be available:
  2. The chair shares the duties with the co-chair. If either of them is not present, no substitution is needed.
  3. Before the session:
    • Ensure that all speakers are present. Introduce yourself and instruct them to strictly keep in timetable (max.12 minutes for the presentation, min. 3 minutes for the discussion and preparing the next presentation).
    • Contact the technical assistant. He/she will also carry the microphones in bigger lecture rooms.
    • Ensure that the presentation slides have been downloaded in the system or the speakers have them e.g. with their own laptop (not recommended).
  4. Welcome the audience, introduce the speakers and topics before their presentations.
  5. Keep the timetable, you can interrupt the presentation if necessary.
  6. Initiate the discussion after each presentation, prepare for a question by yourself if there are no others, but keep the discussion within the time limits.
  7. Close the session.